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Your IT unleashed. Mobile apps to remote client applications, desktops, servers and everything in between.

Access IT Solutions is a collection of companies and services ranging across the entire IT spectrum, yet we keep it simple.  What do you really need? 24/7/365 secure IT development, delivery,

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Deliver all of your IT

Access IT Solution provides secure Windows and Linux desktops, servers, applications and files all in the cloud or hosted on-site. Manage your entire network from one “single pane of glass.” The days of your IT guy going from desk to desk updating, patching and repairing PCs are long gone. Many of your competitors have already moved to the cloud. While you wait, they have the competitive advantage.


Access From Any Device, Anywhere at Any time

BYOD is a reality because your entire business is accessible by any authorized user from any device at any time from anywhere.  Any Windows or Linux PC or laptop, Apple/MAC, iPad iPhone or Android tablet or phone can access their Windows and/or Linux application and/or remote desktops and files.

Why Should I Choose Access IT Solutions For My Business?

  • Location: Imagine your entire office (desktops, applications and files) hosted, deployed, managed and monitored from one easy to use management portal, hosted on servers in your office or in a data center for improved security and access speed.
  • Security: Your entire business is available 24/7/365 online but onlyfor authorized users, which you can personally add or remove with ease.
  • Simplicity: Non tech-savvy business leaders can manage OVD from any browser from any device at any time from anywhere.
  • Choice: Choose exactly which user groups need specific applications and pay for only the number of licenses used on a monthly basis as your needs change. By blending paid products with free open source versions, you can keep your staff productive while significantly cutting IT costs. Your business needs constantly change, so shouldn’t your cost of doing business change accordingly?

What Else Can I Do With OVD?

  • Mobilize your staff right out of the box
  • Enable your staff to work from anywhere at any time on any device
  • Deliver a BYOD program reducing your OPEX
  • Roll out a major business application to everyone in only minutes
  • Organize staff access groups from a simple yet secure browser portal
  • Add new staff or lock-out threats instantly 24/7/365 without IT staff involvement
  • Use any old computer as a “thin client” without needing to replace old systems
  • Oversee all IT activity even if you are not tech savvy

Why Is OVD Better Than Other Cloud Solutions?

  • A lot like Citrix and VMware…minus the cost
  • A lot like Citrix and VMware…plus support for non-enterprise organizations
  • Extremely simple delivery and management of a complete office in the cloud
  • Combining Windows and Linux desktops and software significantly cuts costs by paying for only the exact number of licenses that you require at the moment.
  • Commercially supported Open Source Open Architecture platform

Download and install the free Community Edition or purchase Premium Edition Subscription License on a per-named-user basis. OVD software is licensed through GNU GPL V2 and source code is freely available from www.openvirtualdesktop.com. For organizations wishing to deploy OVD Premium Edition, the binary distribution is available through the purchase of an annual OVD Subscription Agreement (SA). An OVD SA entitles an organization to install and use the OVD Premium Edition and provides version updates, maintenance releases and level 3 support within the subscription period. Subscriptions are available for purchase on a named user basis.

No more worries about hardware failure, theft fire, flood, accidental deletion, hardware failure, viruses or any other IT disasters that drive too many organizations into bankruptcy. Now, organizations of all sizes can have the dependability and global reach that used to only be available to those with an enterprise sized budget. OVD will provide you with a free assessment to help you put all or part of your IT into the cloud.

Shut down your in-house or hosted server(s) and leave the driving to us. OVD will gladly provide you with a free assessment to help you move all or part of your IT into the cloud as well as monitor, maintain, patch and update all of your systems for you. Individual plans are tailored to your individual needs. We will take care of all of your IT needs so you can focus on your business.



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